A Stylish Bird • Francisca

Monday, February 1, 2010
Ever meet someone whose energy made you stop and take notice? A wanderer? A free spirit? Someone that you are convinced was here before? Someone with a remarkably pure or innocent soul? But someone who, by the the grace of her previous-life experience, is undeniably sophisticated? And this reins true also for her style which tends to be adventurous, rich from travels and trend neutral?

With the couture shows over and a clear nod to the seventies by its players, a very special person comes to mind. First, and probably always, for her amazing spirit, and more precisely for her seventies-style sensibility. (I say sensibility because, I don't think she has chosen the seventies as her fashion decade-of- choice. I am convinced, rather, that she selects the things that catch her fancy.)

This is Francisca, a stylish bird.

An architecture student here in Milan, she travels the world to see famous cities, buildings and interiors. And on her travels, she picks the lovely pieces with which she fills her closets. Above, she wears a Boule de Neige coat; a scarf from Marisa Tassy, a Milanese boutique; a Massimo Dutti sweater; Zara shirt; Missoni skirt; a belt from Biffi, a Milanese boutique; sandals by Comptoir des cotonniers; and a vintage bag. And below, a riding coat thrifted at a charity sale; a skirt found at a market in Portugal; and a vintage scarf and bag.


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