New York Fashion Week

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Academy of Art University fashion show presented many hot upcoming designers with a great deal of potential. Overall, all the designs were awesome. I definitely got the feeling the '80s was their decade of inspiration--from metallic leggings to bright scrunchies around the wrist to nylon jumpsuits and patent leather pants. The four styles above were my top picks for designers that look like they'll have a bright future. From left to right, the designer of each style is Jiyoon 'Lydia' Yeom, Yi-Ting 'Maxim' Lee, Andrea Vence, and MinSun Lee. My favorite was MinSun Lee--I thought her biker helmet idea was fabulous, very cute and original, and the dresses very fashionable. Go to the jump to see more pics and vote for your favorite new designer from the show.


From left to right: Tara Shannahan, Kathryn Scully, James Yoest + Sharon Chia-yu, and Kenneth Ning.

From left to right: Haa Cheng Thai, Kyung Min Kimfashion1.jpg

fashion victims 1

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