Saturday, February 6, 2010
I'm in the mood for fur today. Are You? I mean it doesn't look like winter is going away any time soon. Have you heard about the blizzard that's assailing Washington D.C.? The district is basically paralyzed. So I say, grab a warm cup of something or a cup of something that keeps you warm (hey it's the weekend), and let's look at some great fur looks that I captured during Milan men's fashion week.

cropped- A great smile tops off Avril's Russian Folklore-inspired look.

vested- Sarah, always stylish with perfectly measured edge, giving of total chic-nonchalance in a V-neck mini and sleek OTKs.

pocketed- Sherwin, another stylish member of the Prada visual team, is the sweetest person ever! And, he always has the most enviable hem lengths!

military luxe- Ekaterina's look was hard for me to resist. Have, I mentioned my love for military-inspired style, especially parkas? Ekaterina goes straight for my heart by layering this old Mandarina Duck parka over a fantastic Boss Orange textured maxi-sweater with fur collar. The layering here creates such great movement in the look. No?

vintage- If you are anything like me, and itching to get into some of spring's hottest trends without freezing your tooshie off, then Giulia's look will totally inspire you. Throw on your favorite vintage fur chubby with a pair of soft, fluid pants and accessorize the look with a vintage structured purse. And voilà, spring is in the air!


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