Bag addiction

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All women love bags, that's a fact.
Large bags, small bags, expensive bags and vintage bags, it does not matter.. we have a weakness for pretty bags. Actually I do not have much bags, I have six large bags and a few small bags which I use when I go out for party's, not much right?

My most expensive bag is from MaxMara.
I was walking down the streets in the beautiful city Pisa in Italy when I passed the MaxMara store and there he was, behind the window.. but the store was closed during lunchtime!
So I went back to the store after 1 hour and bought the bag immediately and it was also the last one!
Because at the moment I walked out the store, I saw two other girls starring at me like
"damn, she bought the bag!". That was so funny!

So that was my small story about bags and now I have collected a few bags together in this picture.
Which one is your favorite? It's so hard to pick one out because they are all so amazing!

By the way, I will make new outfit pictures as soon as possible!


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