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Sunday, November 28, 2010
Looking for some cute ankle boots or booties to walk into the New Year in style — or to flaunt come Valentine’s Day (perhaps in which to seduce the target of your affections)? We’ve rounded up our favorites, from downtown cool to western-inspired, there’s something cute for everyone. Pair with your best skinny jeans, dresses and skirts for a look that’s playful, fashion-forward and undeniably sexy.

Ankle boots is the season’s hottest look. Ankle boots is a shoe which covers the foot and the ankle. It has a different heel. Ankle boots are very popular and a huge variety of men and women foot wears are available. It is normally made by means of leather or a rubber. For the military and horse riding, these shoes extend till the knees. Nowadays it is used for fashion. A wide variety of spared heel and platform shoes are available. It has a flat or a pointed toe and also it contains a Zipped closure. It can also be used for industrial purpose too. Special ankle boots are available for skating, snowboarding. Among the bike riders, black ankle shoes are more popular. Other types are dress boots, hunt boots and gum boots. Ankle boots are better for the hot season and everyday wear is also available. Many women and men are fond of it. It gives modern energy and styles. It is available in different sizes and different colors. It has the quality of “waterproofing”. To look taller and graceful, we can make use of “heel ankle boots”. We should wears ankle boots with shocks. It has more innovative styles and features. We can wear long skirt and any kind of pants with the ankle boots. We should not use the cropped pants, pencil skirts, shorts or tights with the ankle boots. It is so simple and decent in style. It is mostly used in European countries. It should not be used for skinny jeans. Its main advantage is reliability.
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