"Love" and admiration

Friday, July 9, 2010
Some of the most amazing stylists on the face of the planet, I greatly admire the talent of team Love. I also admire the level of camaraderie that they share. Their giggles and laughter always make me smile (you know I'm a sucker for happy moments). Thus, snapping images of them has become quite a treat for me during fashion week. Here are a few of my favorite pics from recent fashion weeks.


Victoria and Katie arrive at D&G Men's Spring 2011. The first image of a fashion week is always exciting. About three months pass during each fashion week, so there is always a certain level of excitement when you first see favorite subjects after such an extended period.


Victoria and Katie have a "grand" time outside Armani- pun totally intended.


Cool custom jacket painted by a friend.


Paris Fall 2010 was my first season covering the Paris shows. This is my first image of part of the team walking through the infamous Tuileries.


A freshly platinum Francesca outside D&G's Women's Fall 2010. I shot this image moments after dodging an oncoming tram. The things you do for Love.


Total girl crush moment. She is fierce!


See you next season ladies! I'll miss you much!


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