Short Hairstyle 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
In the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere (which means 17 degrees in Dublin), just go outside to see that the most popular haircut among women, regardless of age, is the short one!

The cuts are very different, but all are extremely feminine.
As can be seen in many fashion and hair magazines, the asymmetry is up for the cuts this season.

The brighter colors are the most present.
But for those who opt for more natural color, blonde and brown are also hits.

The fringe is used not only by women but by men. You can have bangs, short or long, smooth, curly or wavy falling over her eyes.

The fringe is even more stylish, if you add layers. This will give you a bigger range of styles.

Many celebrities in recent years joined the short hair crew:

Michelle Williams


Emma Watson

Evan Rachel Wood

Scarlett Johanson

Victoria Beckham


Katie Holmes


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