First Impressions • Celine Fall 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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As with her Spring 2010 collection, Phoebe Philo's muse for her Celine Fall 2010 collection is ahead of the fashion curve. She is the girl that a part of us all wishes to be. Her style is simple, confident and challenges conventional notions of what is sexy; and when she embraces trends, it is within her own parameters.

With this new collection, Pheobe plays close to attention to detail and craftsmanship- key characteristics that define the current direction of the luxury goods market. The most exquisite elements include the placement of pockets on outerwear, blouses, skirts and dresses; shirt tails; stand-up collars on coats; raw edges on silk blouses; and rounded collars and collar pins on shirts. The palette of the collection is one of pure refinement: chic navy and black, classic cream and black and authoritative army greens.

The draping and cut of each garment is immaculate! Abundant in separates, there are great cropped pants; tons of stunning outerwear- of note a striking military-inspired, leather coat that is slicker than an oil spill; hipster leather skirts; and chunky, fold-over turtleneck vests.

Phoebe's concept of sexy is suggestive and European-matter-of-factly. It's very mature, liberating. We don't blush or turn our eyes away. The leather t-shirts attract and maintain the gaze of the eye. Whatever your thoughts are about what's underneath, they are wholly yours. The sheer fitted turtleneck with slim break-away skirt? Perfection, and don't even think about adding a bra.


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