First Impressions • Balenciaga Fall 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Nicolas Ghesquière's Fall collection for Balenciaga left a lasting impression on my mind. The collection is very now, but his muse is somewhere along the speed of light. A parallel universe where we will travel to next September. A world that seems efficient and mechanical, but humanly intact and alluring. Where, the inhabitants are remarkably intriguing. I can't help wonder about their cultural influences and their society as a whole. I am so curious about how they go about their everyday lives. And in observing the wonderfully detailed clothing that Mr. Ghesquière proposes, I wonder what has brought them there. Perhaps, something that we did here on earth? What is their story?

With techno fabrics, quilting of various types, fur, patch work, and netting, Mr. Ghesquière lays out how his muse protects herself from the cold in this far-off environment. The presence of netted accents (on coats and as tops) inspires me to think of a symbolic network that represents our universe. The total black look above, with its exquisite and intricate detailing, being the mysterious black hole that sucks us all in. Oh, this look is perfection!

Honeycomb, diamonds and cellular motifs further the network theme. In fact, they seem to represent the different tribes that make up this region of the solar system. The elegant, tear drop look above is one of the many offered cocktail and evening selections.

The last pieces of the show offer a glimpse into what may have brought these "angels" (a lot of my friends described them as such) to their faraway habitat. There was one look worn by Freja Beha Erichsen that was reminiscent of a ski jumpsuit that zipped open to expose its newspaper-style printed insulation- the phrase atomic park standing out in the clipping. A reference to what occurred? Maybe so? But whatever the message, its execution is undeniable clever as it seems as if these "angels" wear their story close to their skin.


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