Saturday, December 18, 2010
I'm sure you've heard the news. It was probably the most popular twitbit yesterday. I remember scrolling down lines and lines of "Carine to leave Vogue Paris. " I was sitting on a delayed flight when Kenya sent me an email with the news. Where were you when you learned of her departure from the mag she helped reposition to it's current cult status?


My flight was delayed due to a growing snowstorm which required the plane's wings to be deiced. When I received Kenya's message, the view from my window was completely obstructed by the snow fall. It was a surreal kind of atmosphere. Stuck on the plane, not knowing when we would take off, with our vision of the runway cut off. I had a slight case of the butterflies. It wasn't the first time that Carine or news of Carine would induce emotions of excitement in me, and I am positive that it won't be the last; British Vogue reports that she will be moving on to develop personal projects. DYING to learn her next move, as I am sure you are.


From the first time that I saw her in person in Paris and heard her very sweet voice; to the time that I saw her shopping in Marc by Marc on Bleeker street (she picked out the coolest naval captain's hat, and I got an excitement-induced headache from being so close to her); to the time that she told me that I looked chic during the Fall 2010 Couture shows (no words to describe my delight), she has become one of the women that I refer to stylistically. I have always said that I don't have a style icon per se, but recently I have come to realize that if I had to choose someone, I kind of have chosen Carine. GOOD LUCK CARINE!


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