vintage, structured and ladylike

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like I mentioned in "shaved and more," this season's hottest bags are vintage ladylike beauties like the ones pictured in the collage. I couldn't help include a pic of the Hermès Constance. I stopped by the Hermès boutique on Via St. Andrea the other day to inquire about this stunning piece of arm candy. I got all the details and can even have the one I want by September. Not! LOL. I accidentally left the note card with the details on my desk and my husband the snooper found it immediately. I won't share his reaction...

In the meantime to satisfy my serious lust for this stunner of a bag, below are the vintage babes I've started collecting. It's been hard finding the perfect lover (sounds funny huh). The shoulder strap is usually missing or the buckle isn't quite what I am looking for, but I think with a few minor alterations these will be a good start. Have you found any amazing vintage ladylike bags? Where?


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