Friday, October 22, 2010

As the leaves fall from the trees outside, I begin to daydream of the ways that I will keep warm this winter.


While browsing my favorite sites for interesting and new winter staples, I came across London based Verdel.


What caught my eye about this collection of hats, turbans and gloves is the fact that they are a stylish alternative to your typical cashmere beanie/skull cap; and that the long gloves are perfect for layering under short-sleeve coats and this season's amazing capes; plus, the gloves are also ideal for me as I prefer to go fingerless when shooting street style in the cold.


So, you can imagine that I didn't waste a minute in contacting Verdel to place an order. AND they were kind enough to send me a few styles to help me pick out a favorite.


And on first contact, I was a fan. These hats and gloves are knitted with some of the softest cashmere I've ever experienced. And, the hats and turbans totally hold up their shape so you don't have to be bothered with readjusting throughout wear. More time looking and feeling hot, less time fiddling! :-) Hey, check them out if you are in search of a luxuriously soft and warm solution for protecting yourself from the cold this winter.

Styled by Maria Cristina Petrone


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