Is it legal

Thursday, October 14, 2010

to be so darn beautiful? O.k. so I am majorly embarrassed here. I can't recall the name of this gorgeous girl. I know, it's totally unacceptable. But, no, you really don't know just how unacceptable. I'll share. First of all she is one of the nicest people I have ever met on the street. Second, she's a twin. Yes, there are two of them roaming around the U.K. Third, she's lucky enough to have access to all of her mother's vintage Equipment blouses. Fourth, she is absolutely adored by her boyfriend who ironed the Equipment blouse that she's wearing. And finally, her boss, Holli Rogers of Net-a-Porter thinks she's brilliant. And Holli did mention her name to me in Paris after I gushed on about how incredible I thought she was. Blah for me. Can I blame it on the fact that my Black Berry battery died as I was writing her info? Or that I was sleep deprived? Or that basically after the birth of P.J., my memory has been reduced significantly (my gynecologist says she gets this complaint all the time)? No?

I do remember, however, that her name starts with a K, and I want to say it's Kerry or Kiera. But aside from my faulty memory, I'm 100% sure that I love her combination of nude, olive, army green and wheat. Is that acceptable?



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