Double Denim

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm totally inspired by Refinery 29's Connie Wangs' double denim from this past New York fashion week. Thanks to visits to the Gap and Madewell (someone actually mistook my Madewell overalls for the Ralph Lauren version), I've been living the look for the past month. I even pulled out a pair of flair jeans that I scored at the Gap two years ago to channel the seventies child in me. I'm a 1976 baby after all, so I think I can pull off the 2010-hippie look. Another reason to snap up those Celine flat sandals that I saw at Corso Como 10. (Wink) Did you know that I love to wink? Wierd? Been doing it ever since I learned how. And I'm also chronically tangential. Back to my point: Viva double denim!!!!


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