Time for the statement coat

Monday, January 11, 2010

One with long sleeves, no cut-outs or cut-aways. You know, one that takes over when trying to be cute will only get you pneumonia?

O.k., sit down. I have a confession: Sometimes I don't have it in me to wear my short sleeve Opening Ceremony swing coat. I know, gasp! And, I know that the sales associate at Barney's said that motorcycle jackets aren't meant to be zipped up. Or, yes, I almost broke my ankle running down Mercer street to pick up my Napoleon-inspired, cut-away Phillip Lim coat. I know, I know, I could wear my beloved parka. But what if it just isn't a parka day? What if it's a chic day? What if I want to be plain chic and not military or edgy chic?

Well once again in the midst of my frozen-limb inspired wining, I have decided that next winter I will invest in a verrrry warm coat. I say it every year, but by the time September rolls around, I am fully distracted by conceptual outwear. In the meantime, I'll take inspiration from these two chicettes.

Statements are made to be bold! Imagine the audience I could conquer in Pamela's (pictured above) eye-catching Michael Kors tweed (it would be graphic); or the bold stance I could take in Iris' "you cant lose me in a sea of gray" John Galliano?

Hmm! Great pieces to keep me focused!

Besos! Tamu


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