Max Mara Atelier

Monday, August 16, 2010

A few weeks ago while walking home from an appointment, I passed Max Mara which had recently dressed its window to display its Fall 2010 sun glass collection. The collection is gorgeous, but what really caught my eye was the first few pieces of outerwear used in the display. After the dominant presence of camel and fur coats/fur accents on the Fall 2010 runways, I had decided early out (in March) that it was an absolute must that I visit the incredibile Italian fashion house to pick up a coat for the fall. Seeing these few pieces in the window amplified my excitement for what was to come and jogged my memory about the house's Fall 2010 Atelier collection of coats that I had the pleasure of viewing back in March.


The collection of "made to measure" sartorial beauties includes these two key fall looks. This camel coat is an exquisite example of feminine-meets-masculine. The coat, inspired by the traditional men's dress coat, is tempered with a feminine silhouette along the waist and is accented with a superbly draped collar. The grey coat also takes cues from men's wear and is fabulously decorated with a luxe fur hem. Both coats are sophisticated and timeless, qualities that are synonymous with the Max Mara design aesthetic. If there is one thing that I have learned since moving to Milan, it's that Italians know their outerwear. I feel like with two coats like these in your closet, you could fulfill not only all your Fall 2010 outerwear needs but also those of the not-so-near future. What do you think?



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