Ageless beauty

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Andrea Dellal is a picture of elegance and grace. I've decided that I'm going to look this good when I'm her age. Stop, don't laugh, I'm serious! I think that I can achieve this. I've already got a beauty plan. I'll never sip on a glass of wine again (hmm!). I'll drink and bathe in coconut water. I'm Jamaican, I used to drink coconut water on the beach from the shell after the top had been chopped off with a machete (if you've ever been to Jamaica, you know that's the real deal, so refreshing). Well, yesterday I picked up a case from Citarella. It's funny to see how much of a marketing fad it's become. And finally, I'll design a machine that constantly streams açaí mist into my home. Ha ha, day dreaming is so much fun!!! Back to reality, Senhora Dellal is a magnificent fount of style inspiration.


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