Nicole Brundage

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nicole Brundage has very quickly become one of my favorite emerging shoe designers. Her creations address the various stylistic profiles of the modern woman- she offers looks that are chic, sleek, edgy, feminine and fashioned with a certain conceptual quality. For Fall/Winter 2010, Brundage, like many other designers, directs her search for inspiration to the "old classics" and to the idea of craftsmanship via a feeling of solidness and sturdiness. What she comes up with is just divine!

Graphic and tactile fabrications that assure 24-7 wearing. Burlesque shapes that bring out your inner Dita Von Teese. Solid sinuous heels designed to add rhythm to your step- it's about dancing your way through this grumpy world we live in daarling!

You would think that designing one stellar line would be enough for the young designer. No, that's so a decade ago. This is where the jaw-dropping, my heart literally stopped, I'm not kidding, it's on the list, stunner-of-a-sandal below comes in. This jewel is a look from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection of Brundage's new line, Acrobats of God. Launched this Spring, Brundage describes the range as "a way of expressing the extraordinary in the ordinary." She builds upon this principle for AOG's sophomore collection by addressing fashion's current purchasing conundrum: the econ-influenced need for practicality versus the strong and natural desire for the playful or fanciful. The collection proposes to rework simple things by transforming unprocessed materials such as wood into objects of high-tech design, and to reinterpret traditional techniques such as knitting or weaving with the use of unexpected materials such as elastic. Congrats are in order. Ms. Brundage succeeded at what she set out to do, the collection is extraordinarily divine!


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