The Grey Chameleon

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Let's talk about Valentina Ilardi Martin, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Grey Magazine. I am beyond enamored with her style, so much so that I always sit at the edge of my chair when I look at her images. This reaction definitely has something to do with her gaze which is very dynamic- it is very engaging but at the same time kind of distant, and there is an intriguing calmness about it.

What specifically attracts me to her style? I love that she takes on different characters with each look. So when I refer to her as chameleon, it isn't in the sense that she changes her style- to the contrary, her style is rather consistent. She is a chameleon because her personal stylistic interpretations are brilliant. Her looks are clever referrals to a certain style and are effortless and never over-done. Plus, the girl knows how to choose a hat and a coat!

The Cowgirl- Can her suede trench be anymore divine layered over a relaxed denim shirt and camo shorts?

The General wears a Balenciaga military-inspired coat and Prada high-heel waders

The luxe fisherman wears an vintage fur coat that was custom made at an old-school Roman furrier.


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