Look'in through the windows

Monday, December 14, 2009

The windows and interiors at Prada are always super-inspiring.
The same goes for the amazing visual team that creates the inviting images that captivate our fashion minds. Advised by the thrilling, paillette packing, fur and feather wielding, embellished everything woman who makes my heart race when I see her, photographer and stylist Manuela Pavesi, they are the sweetest and chicest birds on the block.

With frequent window changing and floor sprucing-up, and because of my frequent accessory runs, I have had the pleasure of becoming friendly with a few members of this dream team. Matteo, Virginia, and the lovely Marta. NO, I haven't had the opportunity to get close to Signora Pavesi. I don't know where to start with her. Stare/talk---stare/talk. The last time I saw her, I became hypnotized by her show of color and texture, she was gone before I exited the trance. But I've been in the all or nothing mood lately. What are a few paillette-induced scrapes? Or who cares if I am poked in the eyes by a coarse tuft of goat hair? I am going to ask for a picture!

Here are a few pics that I recently shot of Matteo and Virginia while they were putting the finishing touches on the SS2010 windows. Virginia is like a dancer, and Matteo, a conductor.

For a more in-depth look at the exquisite world of Prada, check out the house's new book, Prada, which highlights the brand's many accomplishments in fashion, communication, architecture and art.


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